Integrating Extracurricular into the Daily Routine

Extracurricular activities are an integral part of our regular timetable. All students have skating, karate, pottery, music, and dancing once a week. They are also exposed to Creative crafts, Logical Reasoning, Science Experiments, Do it Yourself, Life Skills, Story Telling, etc. as a part of the hobby classes.

Affiliations / Partnerships with Organisations

Accredited to the British Council (International School Award)

Specially-abled Children Policy

A special instruction unit Headed By A Well-Qualified And Highly-Experienced Student Counsellor Takes Up Cases Of Students With Learning Disabilities And Behavioural Issues. The Students Who Do Not Fulfil The Learning Objectives Are Referred By The Teachers To The SIU, Where Remedial Instructors Evaluate Them Through Standardized Tests. If It Is Found That The Child Needs Help, Remedial Classes Are Taken Twice A Week. They Are Helped In Reading, Writing, Comprehension, and Numeracy Skills Along With Social Behaviour. The Students Are Helped During The Exams By Either Providing Help To Read The Question Paper Or A Scribe For Those Who Find Difficulty In Writing Fast.